With Wild Abandon

With Wild Abandon is how Brandon and I strive to live each and every day. The two words just compliment each other magnificently like fried Snickers, cozy fire or Holy Spirit… they are just meant to be together. I often find myself breaking the two words down and falling in love with them even more.

Wild – 

* living or growing in its original, natural state

*not controlled or controllable in a state of intense excitement

*fantastically impractical; visionary a wild scheme

*extraordinary; remarkable a wild success


*to give up (oneself) completely or forever

*to leave, as in danger or out of necessity;

*forsake; desert to yield (oneself) completely


With this in mind we packed up our tiny handmade teardrop trailer, put on our broken in leather hiking boots, gathered large dry wood for cozy fires and took a road trip to the Ocala National Forest. Within a hour we were outside of the city looking back at a skyline that almost seemed chaotic, like a fire ant hill when it is kicked by a passerby. Oh how good it was to hit the open road of tall pine trees, vast wide open farm fields that glowed with golden grass and radiant glistening lakes that thrive in the center of FL.  I looked over and saw my best friend, the one I feel safe with and who holds my hand threw every adventure.

As the miles past we began to reminisce about old stories, car danced to favorites songs as they came on the radio and talked about our future. As we pulled into our camp ground and began to set up camp it hit me… this is what it’s all about; taking time to breathe, to get back to our roots and kindle the fire. God is always blessing us with the ability to set sail on new adventures and paths less ventured, so at times he needs us to take a break with Wild Abandon. A break to fall back into his arms and let him surround us with life giving clear blue springs of refreshment and tall pine trees of shade.

We both share now and forever the desire to live a life of Wild Abandon for the Lord.

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  • February 25, 2015 - 3:20 pm

    Kristen - Wow! That’s just great. Jay and I need to do something like that too. A break with the Lord together. I just know God speaks in the quiet moments together…and over marshmallow goo laden roasting sticks too, what could be better?ReplyCancel

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