Zoolander + “Model Face” + Shake it like a Polaroid Picture

Photo Time

Yep, Brandon and I shook it like a Polaroid Picture, put forth our best “Model Face” and watched the Zoolander gasoline scene to improve our photography. I know it sounds crazy but it works.

We personally believe it is extremely important as professional photographers to know what it is like to be in front of the camera. We have to know what it feels like before we can really make someone else feel comfortable in front of our lens. In order to do this, every so often we will have fun taking each other’s photos, and a little tripod work so we can get a few of us together. This also gives us time to work with new poses and lighting.

And shhh…. it gives us time to flirt with each other too;-)

Horn Photo-Design-0008Horn Photo-Design-0014

I like to be goofy, but when I first step in front of the camera, I too need some time to warm up. A few things to keep in mind:

1.Don’t shoot down your modeling abilities before you even TRY. I used to do this…. and it’s not encouraging at all.

2. Allow yourself to RELAX, this is a blast!!!

3. Be yourself, you are amazing. The best photos show your personality!

Horn Photo-Design-0036Horn Photo-Design-0038Horn Photo-Design-0040Horn Photo-Design-0043

Put your best side forward, HEHE I am referring to my hubby’s backside. He will probable kill me for this but I just love his derrière!

When working with us there is NO pressure or expectation. We realize you may have never done this before and you’re not professional models! We have NEVER shot professional models as clients. All of our couples are beautiful and fabulous, everyday amazing people.

We will coach you through it.

Horn Photo-Design-0048Brandon apparently really enjoys taking off his vest!

Horn Photo-Design-0055Horn Photo-Design-0058Horn Photo-Design-0073

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