A few tidbits + 33 days of thankfulness

Today Brandon and I began looking forward to this beautiful holiday season of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. We began thinking about all the things we are thankful for, what we look forward to during the holidays and how we want to share love. And because we adore a good list we figured we’d make our own list of little tidbits we are looking forward to in hopes of making this holiday season filled with lots of love, cozy get togethers, warm conversations and unforgettable memories!

Also I tend to think that the photography out takes from a session tend to be the best… so here are a few of our delightful out takes!

  1. 33 Days of Thankfulness.  Because there are 33 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year we have decided to do 33 days of thankfulness to prepare our hearts for Christmas and the New Year. Our goal is to take a photo each day and post what we are thankful for that day.
  2. Football. We are really hoping to get the family outside after Thanksgiving dinner to play a family game of football in the fall leaves. Momo (aka Brandon’s mom) will be in charge of cheerleading and keeping whisky on the sidelines when we need to warm up.
  3. Family Photos. Thanksgiving is also the holiday where we update our family photos with Brandon’s side of the family.  It’s become a Thanksgiving family tradition.
  4. Playlist. Our favorite playlist on Spotify right now are: Sunshiney Temperatures Falls, Goodcompany, All The Lil Leaves. We will be making our own playlist very soon. And once Thanksgiving has been celebrated we will switch to Christmas playlists. I will share those soon.
  5. Cast Iron Pots, Pans + Griddle. We have switched over to all Cast Iron for all of our everyday cooking and we LOVE THEM!! They take some extra care but they cook so well and our food never sticks to them plus they are a very healthy option for cooking all of our organic food. We figured if we are buying all organic and farm to table food why would we cook it in toxic cookware. So we switched. Cast Iron also makes a great presentation for holiday foods.
  6. Blue Light Blocking  Glasses. Zenni Optical… Because we both work at the computer several hours a day, use our cell phones often and watch about an hour of TV before bed a few days a week we decided to invest in a pair of blue light blocking glasses. Within a few days we both noticed a huge difference.  Our eyes are way less strained at the end of the day and we are tired by 9:30pm every evening now. We used to not get tired till about 11pm but because the blue light is limited our body naturally gets tired when it supposed too instead of being tricked into staying awake by all the blue light. I always think of the holidays as a great time to catch up on sleep since it get darker earlier and these have really helped with that.


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