Three Year In-Home Anniversary Session: Betsey + Will

Bucket List…

Fall In Love
Get Married
Travel the World
Mountain Climb
Swim the Great Barrier Reef
Horseback Ride on the Beach

…and the list goes on with even more incredible experiences!

Extraordinary experiences seem to validate the fact that our lives really matter. And it is so easy to believe that life is not lived unless we have grand adventures to amazing destinations or we experience heart pounding moments that take our breath away.

So easy that we can miss the ordinary moments that make up and Extraordinary Life.

Life… it is beautiful, unpredictable, crazy, chaotic, messy, fun, invigorating, sad, joy filled and full of small authentic moments that make up a life well lived.  Despite what the world might say, embracing the ordinary aspects of life doesn’t involve settling for mediocrity. It actually means doing more, with excellence! It means investing in things we are tempted to give up on when we don’t see an immediate return on our investment. Far from giving up our God-given passion, embracing the ordinary means taking the chance on diving deeper into real tangible relationships with family, friends and community.  It means embracing the small authentic moments of our lives that make up a lifetime filled with amazing memories, laughter and love.

This weekend we had the blessing of documenting the “ordinary” and revealing the Extraordinary. Every year Betsey + Will document their anniversary in photos and turn it into a yearly photo book.  This year they bought their very first home together and chose to have their 3 year anniversary session in their new beautiful home. Talk about the cutest, sweetest welcoming home ever. Just walking in made us feel loved, warm and invited.

This, their very first home, the place where Betsey + Will will most likely begin a family, rearrange the furniture at least 1000 times, celebrate many many holidays, paint and repair rooms, cook amazing meals and burn a few too. This home – a place most take for granted – will hold precious memories, memories many may see as ordinary. But the day will come, perhaps 20 years, 30 years or maybe even 60 years from now, when the finger tips of a loved one will pick up those yearly books Betsey + Will made and see the story of an extraordinary life. It will be those ordinary moments of arranging artwork on the walls, playing with the pups, cuddling on the couch, counting anniversaries, making coffee or sharing beer together that tells their story. The story of how they laughed together, grew together, changed their home together over the years and most importantly how they loved each other heroically and how that love effected the world throughout a lifetime.

We are beyond excited to walk this journey with Betsey + Will. To see their Extraordinary life revealed. And yes, they have checked off some awesome bucket list adventures but the best adventures are yet to come and they will happen within the ordinary day to day of life.

Dear Betsey + Will,
Thank you for taking us on this adventure with you. Your hearts and spirits are so pure that joy radiates from you both shining a light so bright one can’t help but smile. Just being around the two of you makes us so happy.  We look forward to so many years to come!! Happy three year anniversary!
Love + Blessings,
The Horns


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