October 3, 2020

Brandon and Michelle Horn Photography Session: The Horns

Brandon and I decided to get all dressed up and have a photography session done. This is to document our 11 years of marriage, which we celebrated in August, my birthday we celebrated in September and most importantly to cultivate memories within this moment in our love story.

And when I say dressed up we went all out for our Photography Session. Brandon wore his blue tic suit and I was in a full length flowing dress with my hair and full makeup done. The last time I did full face make up was years ago. My everyday look is no make up, and on shoot days I just add mascara. Both of us are minimalist through and through. However, we do believe that when investing in photos there is never such a thing as two dressy. For us, it is a beautiful opportunity to get all dressed up, feel our best and to celebrate life in the present.

The years pass so incredibly fast and this year in-particular seemed to go by in the blink of an eye. This year also reminded us how fragile life is as a man driving a large F150 ran a red light as we were entering the intersection and missed slamming into us by inches. All traffic stopped and time stood still as we both braced for impact, but by the grace of God the driver swerved and just missed Brandon’s side door and a full on impact. That night we came home, called our family and told them how much we love them!

Slowing Down

With so much going on we wanted to slow down for a moment and drink in all the beauty of life and love.

Being on the flip side of the lens always gives us an opportunity to step into the shoes of our beautiful clients. It allows us to experience what you hear, feel, see, smell and even taste. Sounds crazy right, how do you smell or taste something during a photo session. I can tell you that being so close to my best friend/hubby, I could smell his cologne and with each soft kiss I could taste his lips. A photography session is an experience of all the senses. Brandon remarked on the sweet smell of my perfume and the minty taste of my lip gloss. We also both took in the wonderful sent of fresh cut grass as we sat and snuggled by the lake.

The session also reminded us just how slowing down to appreciate one and other truly is. It rekindled our spark and allowed us to fall even more in love.

Live in the Now

With all of this so fresh in our minds + souls we want to shout from the mountain top to everyone who can hear, “take time to slow down, drink in love and document some incredible moments in the present. Life goes by way to fast. Please don’t buy a fancy dress or dapper shoes and say one day I will find a place to wear it while proceeding to place them in the closet with the tags still on. Rather create + embrace that moment to get all dressed up, to feel alive and to drink in the sweetness of life. All of this could be gone in a blink of an eye. So why waste the time thinking…some day. Make someday today my darling!”

Thank you to our dear friend Jessica at Five Fourteen Photography. She documented these precious moments for us. We love you dearly friend.

If you want an anniversary shoot too let us know here.

See how we have grown here with more photography sessions in our past.

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