PEAKS & VALLEYS: Endoscopy Spa Day + Bitmoji Love

If there is one thing I am not a fan of it is having to be the patient for any “procedure”, hospital visit or surgery. It scares me to death! This past Monday I had to go in for an endoscopy, its when they stick a tube down your throat, into your stomach and then into the start of your small intestines (so much fun). Of corse, being terrified of the procedure, I did what anyone would do, I Googled it about 5 days before-hand… BIG mistake!!!!  I watched one happen live and read all about it. I read good stories + bad stories and assumed all the bad stories would happen to me. I pretty much gave myself a full on panic attack.

However, on Sunday I asked all my friends and family to keep my whimpy self in their prayers. With prayers loaded I headed into the procedure on Monday. I shocked myself how calm I was, I could not stop talking to anyone who would listen (I talk a lot when I am nervous) but the rest of me was OK. And I have to tell you everything went perfect. It was basically like a spa day. REALLY!

I wore my favorite sweatpants and t-shirt and took my slippers with me too (I figured if I had to deal with pain I was doing it in my fuzzy slipper boots). They took me back, I put on my slippers, laid on the bed with a pillow + sheet and blanket and within 2mins I was asleep. Next thing I know I woke up feeling incredibly relaxed, happy and comfortable with Brandon by my side. I even remember having happy dreams. I am convinced it was from all the awesome people who were praying for me. God is so Good! This leads me to this weeks Peaks + Valleys.


This week’s VALLEYS go to…
• iPhone Video. I have a love hate relationship with iPhone Video. Brandon decided it would be funny to record me while I was coming out of the anesthesia. It does make me laugh… but I could kill him at the same time. Apparently at that time everything was fabulous.
•Phobia’s, Panic Attacks + “Procedures”… obviously!


This week’s PEAKS go to…
• Bitmoji! If you have not created one, you should. They are a blast to use on FB messenger. Brandon made himself one too. Please don’t Hate;)
• No Ulcers + No Gallstones. My endoscopy came back free of ulcers just waiting on the biopsy to make sure there is no stomach bacteria.
• Gold Rush. Brandon and I got to experience our first Gold Rush in Dahlonega GA. It was amazing! Our downtown gets flooded with vendors, parades, food, music and happiness. Loved every thing about it.
• Fire Places. Our new home has a warm and cozy fireplace that we got to use this weekend for the first time. It dropped down to about 34 here so we fired her up and cuddled under the blankets on the couch to watch a movie.
Frye Boots. I tried on and feel in love with Frye ridding boots. All leather beautiful boots. I am waiting till black Friday and snagging me a pair.

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