PEAKS & VALLEYS: Mosquitoes + Burgers

Seriously mosquitoes hate me. This past week I have notice some beautiful signs of spring beginning to bloom, trees budding tiny pink flowers, the grass starting to grow and turning a rich color of green, gorgeous yellow wild flowers springing up around the camp and a few days of 60 degree weather sprinkled in with the chilly days.

But then there are the not so pretty signs, the bugs are coming out. It started with noticing a few ants trying to make their way to the dog bowls the other day followed by a mosquitoe bite that evening. Seriously, a few days of 60 degrees and I get a mosquitoe bite already. I can tell I was the little suckers, pun intended, first meal because he left a welt the size of a quarter on the bottom of my foot of all places. As I limped throughout the house after the bite I could still hear him buzzing around  just waiting for his next meal! I thought I left the mosquitoes in Florida. This leads me to this weeks peaks & valleys.

This week’s VALLEYS go to…
• Mosquitoes!
• “Compass” directions. I mean really, if you are telling me to head east when I reach the double intersection 2 miles north of me I am going to just ask you to go with me. Other wise I will end up lost a sea.

Horn Photography + Design -001

This week’s PEAKS go to…
• Client Love Letters + Gifts. This month Brandon and I have recieved so much love an support from this past years wedding clients. Above is just one super cute example. They keep my heart going and full of joy.
• Spring. Altho it was 65 here two days ago and now it is snowing, go figure, I am still excited for winter to give way to spring.
Outlander! My favorite show Outlander is starting back up April 9th, Happy Dance.
• Mountain Sunsets. I used to think there was nothing more beautiful then a ocean sunsets, I was wrong. When the sun sets on the mountain tops it glows with a fiery red, brilliant orange and a serious blue that sets the sky dancing with color and sharp mountain tops come alive.
Burger Buss 1386. It is literally bus #1386 built in 1948 that has been converted in to a burger only restaurant… and the burgers are amazing!
• Homemade coconut whip cream. I am in love. Being lactose intolerant I thought whip cream was never again going to be something I could enjoy. Thank goodness I was wrong. I have learned to make whip cream from coconut milk and it is amazing. Even better then real whip cream.

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