PEAKS & VALLEYS: Snow White Potato Flake Dandruff

Life can be embarrassing, especially when you are rushing around trying to get everything done within a short time frame. Last week Brandon and I decided to take our annual Christmas photo for our Christmas cards. I of corse, love to have snow in the photos, however it has not yet snowed here in Georgia. So… that leaves me to make my own. To do this I went to the store and purchased two boxes of Idaho instant mashed potato flakes. The flakes look just like snow in photos (thank you pinterest!). Once I had our fake snow we were off to a winter wonderland of photos. Due to a time restraint we had to get organized quickly. In the mist of it all Brandon thought it would be funny to pour the remainder of the box all over me at the end. Ok, so it was funny, but when your in a hurry you for get about things, if you know what I mean.

So fast forward and hour later after I have imported the photos on to our computer and done some quick edits. Brandon came home to see if I am ready to head down for 5pm mass. I said, “of corse I am, I just finished our photos, let me grab my jacket”. We then flue out the door to had down to mass. About 15 mins. into mass I decided to take off my jacket and the look on Brandon’s face was priceless. There it was for all to see, on both of my shoulders was all the potato flakes that Brandon poured over my head at the end of our shoot; sitting on my shoulders, gleaming bright white and totally looking like dandruff gone wild.

Kill Me Now!

Brandon then proceeded to brush it off of my shoulders and it looked like dandruff showering down onto the floor. When it finally came time for the sign of peace the people behind us gave me the most disgusted face ever! All I wanted to do was dye! This leads me to this weeks Peaks + Valleys.

Horn Photography + Desing Christmas 2015-047

This week’s VALLEYS go to…
• Potato Flakes… on my shoulders!
• Running Out Of Gas. Yes I ran out of gas this week. I had it on my mind to stop while I was in town but on the way home I began thinking of other things and before you know it the car began to sputter. I just made it home.
• Feet Going Numb. This week I have done so much photo editing that my feet fell asleep at my desk. I stood up to take a break and down I went followed by that horrible feeling of pins and needles in your toes.

Horn Photography + Desing Christmas-001

This week’s PEAKS go to…
• Christmas Cards. I finished them all and got then all sent out! Plus we have received so many in the mail from loved ones… I lovelovelove it!!!
• Christmas Gifts. I am a gift giver, I love giving gifts and seeing people smile. This week I got all our newlywed client gifts shipped out.
• Christmas Lights. Ok obviously I love Christmas and all the goes with it. Coming home to a house lit up with lights, trees and candles is amazing!
• Texas Wedding. We leave for our final wedding of this year tomorrow. It takes place in Texas and I am thrilled to visit.
• Airbnb. This month we rented our first Airbnb from Bonnie in Clearwater FL. It ROCKED! The place was super clean + cute and took the dogs. Pretty sure we will be using Airbnb for traveling from now on.

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