PEAKS & VALLEYS: 4×8 Plywood flying into our car on the Interstate


You know that feeling you get when your traveling behind a pickup truck on the interstate, going about 70 miles per hour, hulling a jumbo open trailer filled with sheets of 4×8 plywood. Yep, that uneasy feeling that if it all came flying out you would die, but there is no way to get around him. Well that happened to us. We were on our way to Atlanta for the Shaky Knees Concert following the said truck, I was driving.

And then it happened…

Just like something out of the movie “Final Destination” the one single solitary brick that was supposed to be holding down the 4×8 pieces of plywood started to slide backwards as if in slow motion. As soon as it reached the end of the plywood the wind force of driving 70 miles per hour on the interstate lifted that huge piece of wood right up into the air. For a moment the wood was almost suspended in mid air motionless, then out of no wear a whip of wind caught it and threw the menacing piece of wood directly into our lane aimed toward our wind shield. So we braced for impact. I did not slam on the breaks, or swerve to miss it as we were on a three lane interstate heading into Atlanta on a warm Sunday afternoon. And if you know anything about Atlanta traffic, it does not matter what day of the week it is, traffic is CRAZY!

God must have been watching over us because the wood hit at such and angle that it did not break the window or even cause a crack, it slid up the windshield and scraped across the top of the roof leaving a pretty nasty scratch. Unfortunately the guy with the truck kept hulling butt and we did not get his license plate, however two other people pulled over to check on us and help in any way they could, they were Super Sweet. We are just thankful that God was watching over us. This leads me to this weeks Peaks & Valleys.

This week’s VALLEYS go to…

• Moving… one person told me that hell will be moving nonstop every month without ever getting a break.
• People who drive with unsecured loads on the interstate.

Horn Photography & Design God Quotes-004
This week’s PEAKS go to…

• Brandon going full time with me on our business…. so exciting!
• My father making it through chemo, now in remission and getting healthier everyday!
• Finding a home within walking distance to downtown Dahlonega (love that!) + it has a studio with it’s own entrance.
• Amazing neighbor named Jason who helped us move, he is a God send. I am thinking maybe our guardian angel (you never know).
• My daughters graduation. She has always been a strait A student and was placed in advanced classes all of high school. She is now graduating from high school while at the same time completing her first year of college. Thats my GIRL!
• And my biggest peak goes to the one who created me, my Almighty Merciful Father God. Without him none of the above would have ever been possible. He has walked us through so much this last few months, answered so many prayers and had led us in the direction of His Will.

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