PEAKS & VALLEYS: Vet Visits + Renaissance Festivals

I’m guessing there is a lot of people who have dogs that get anxious at the vet… I totally feel your pain. Now don’t get me wrong, our vet is beyond sweet and they take amazing care of our dogs, but trying to convince our dogs of that is a different story. Between having a 57 pound boxer/american bulldog mix along with a 37 pound dalmatian/blue healer mix it takes both Brandon and I to get these two into the vets office. Leaving the house and getting them in the car is simple as they both love car rides. Even arriving at the vet office and walking up to the first door is a breeze. However, the moment they step foot inside the office, both of them get eye as wide as the moon, incessant panting begins followed by whining and trying to climb onto our laps. Then when it is time to walk into the examination room it feels like you are trying to pull a mac semi-truck up a hill by yourself with a fireman hose. All this for just a exam.

OH… did I mention that while I was holding Tampa so they could put the Bordetella Vaccine into her noes she decided to sneeze and the vaccine when into my mouth and eyes. Looks like I don’t have to worry about getting kennel cough this year… good grief.

This week’s VALLEYS go to…

• Vet Visits
• Spam News Letters I never signed up for… they drive me crazy.
• Taxes… they are just never fun.

Horn Photo & Design Hayley-0156

This week’s PEAKS go to…
• Iron Infusion… I had my iron infusion last week and I am feeling fabulous. No side effects during the infusion, it was easy and painless. My skin, nails and hair are looking amazing and its only been two weeks. Hair shedding has almost stopped completely.
• Walt Before Mickey… just watched this movie last night and LOVED it. I have to be honest, the acting could have been a little bit better, however the story draws you in past that. If you are an artist this is a must watch, it will leave you inspired, excited and set your hope ablaze.
• Warm Weather… it is finally here! I am so excited to be back in tank tops, skirts, summer dresses and shorts.
Renaissance Festival… we are going this weekend, I can’t get enough of it, its just so entertaining. Plus homemade mead how can one go wrong.
• Stars In The  Night Sky… the past few nights the sky here in the mountains has been so clear and filled with hundreds upon thousands of stars. One of the beauties of living in the national forest.
• Dinner With The Ladies… Brandon and I are so blessed to live in an amazing community of about 20 people. Once a month all the ladies of the community come together for dinner. It is so good spend time with women who have beautiful hearts you can laugh, share and talk with.

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