Mackenzie + David… Pug Love

Mackenzie + David

On July 7th, 2012 Mackenzie + David said “I Do” and started their family. It has been just over one year and their love is even deeper, stronger and truer today. When these two love birds met Mackenzie had a little bit of “baggage” if you will, to bring into their blossoming relationship; two adorable pugs…and we all know that our pouches are like family. Rumor has it, it took David a little bit to fall in love with these two cuties but now they are one happy family. To be honest I think David spoils them more than Mackenzie does;)

Also on the shoot, when ever we have adorable cuddly ones with us, we ask that our couples bring along someone to watch them so we can capture some moments of alone time without distractions. Mackenzie brought along her sister Sarah, and you can tell from a mile away these two encompass the true meaning of sisterhood. We could not help but to capture a few priceless photos of them together and we snuck in a few just of Sarah too.

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