Vintage Camera + An Old Teddy Bear + Apples


Hanging with Nikki for a few hours during her senior shoot was a blast. She is into photography, yearbook, theater and pretty much everything creative. Plus she has a ton of cute style. My favorite part was snapping away as she attempted balance apples + books on her head. We started off in the city and ended up at the beach.

Horn Photo-Design-0002Horn Photo-Design-0005Horn Photo-Design-0015Horn Photo-Design-0019Horn Photo-Design-0021Horn Photo-Design-0025Horn Photo-Design-0033Horn Photo-Design-0034Horn Photo-Design-0048Horn Photo-Design-0055Horn Photo-Design-0060Horn Photo-Design-0065Horn Photo-Design-0068Horn Photo-Design-0069Horn Photo-Design-0070Horn Photo-Design-0074Horn Photo-Design-0075

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