10 Way To Refresh Your Business For 2015

Now that we have had time to settle into 2015 its time for a business refresh. We often get the question, from fellow photogs,  “how do you improve the business end of photography from year to year?”… and then my mind starts to race as I begin to think of how to explain our business strategy. So I took some time to list 10 things we do at the beginning of each year that immensely helps to build our brand.

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1.) Time To Get Organized
During the year we have a filing system for all our weddings and shoots + a backup system that keeps everything nice and tidy. However (even though very organized) our system needs to be sorted at the beginning of every year. Because we have backups that go back almost five years we like to only keep key portfolio pieces. A clean organized business always runs better.

2.) Review Pricing
As a professional photographer experience is priceless, the more you shoot, the better you become and the more you are worth. If you are looking to grow your business then pricing your business according to your worth is so important. This will help you avoid being the “cheap generic” brand, if you will.

3.) Simplify Work Flow
Even when we think we have a great work flow nailed down, we still take time each year to determine where are week spots are and how to improve them. When it comes down to using time wisely there is always room for improvement.

4.) Update Website + Blog
Keeping our online presence up to date allows us to engage new clients each year with a fun, fresh and modern connection. To do this we start with a personal photo shoot and update all our social medial profile photos, we then update our online galleries, mobile site and blog. For more in-depth info about updating your website + blog read this article we have on Showiteers “2015 + 5 Tips For A Successful Social Media Spruce Up” 

5.) Order New Albums
I’m a big believer that you can’t ever have enough wedding albums. Each year we go threw and keep our absolute favorite albums (this is so hard because I never want to part with any of them, so I keep the ones that match out office the best) we then send the other to our beloved vendors. Once this is complete we order new albums from the past year to stay up to date.

6.) Order New Canvases
I totally wish we had enough wall space to hang a canvas of each couple from every wedding we have ever done, but since we don’t, each year we order new canvases to showcase our latest work. Plus our past brides get so excited to see their wedding featured… and we love making our clients smile!

7.) Enhance Packaging
I’m a package junky and I lovelovelove having a cute handcrafted look to our brand packaging. I drive Brandon a bit crazy with my yearly tweaks on our packaging but our brides love it.

8.) Improve Vendor to Vendor Communication
In the beginning of the year we set aside time to reconnect with our local venders, send them some love plus fabulous photos so they too can refresh for the new year.

9.) Publication Submissions
Since we organize and clean up all of our files in the beginning of the year this lends it’s self well to great timing for publication submissions. Any time I can take care of two projects at one time, it’s a win win.

10.) About Page
Every year we grow, change and become more of the person we seek to be. With that in mind our about page needs to grow, change and define as we do. When our couples get to know us, we connect on a much deeper level, allowing us to capture the truest love they share.

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