5 Tips To Preparing a Relaxed + Fun Engagement Session

The number one thing we love to do is make our couples feel comfortable in-front of our cameras. The more comfortable our couples are the more ridiculously awesome their session is. But, comfortably does not just happen magically, we work at it.

Horn Photography & Design Kiersten + Louis-0053To be honest, most of our couples are a bit shy when they first arrive at the shoot (this is totally normal and expect). It is our job to help them relax and have fun.  To do this, we need to be prepared for the session. We need to be inviting and relaxed ourselves. In addition to having clean lenses, fully charged camera batteries, CF cards ready to go with backups on hand, there are 5 other extremely important things we do to ensure the environment they walk into is ready to go:

1. We ask our couple ahead of time if they’re bringing a change of clothes or props. This helps us create a timeline for the shoot.
2. We check the weather in advance.
3. We arrive 30 minutes early to scoot the location for the best light, ambiance and backgrounds.
4. Once we have scooted the location we create a storyline for the session. This will help to pull out the personalities of our couple.
5. Always remember that by the end of the shoot your couple will the most relaxed so save your favoirte spot at the location for last.

We hope these tips help you create a relaxing, comfortable fun session for your clients.

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