Breaking Tradition + Why I’m All 4 It

Tradition has it that the Groom shall not see his Bride the day of their wedding until she is walking down the aisle to say “I Do”. Otherwise it’s super bad luck! Bad luck… smaz muck I say. Now, I do however, think it is romantic for the Groom to wait to see his Bride the day of until she is bedecked in her gorgeous wedding dress. Not for luck, but for the butterflies and excitment of seeing her for the first time, radiant as the sun. I’m also loving the idea of them seeing each other for the first time in a romantic private setting, so his eyes are truly the first to see his beautiful bride on their wedding day.

This brings me to the FIRST LOOK. So what is a first look? Since that notion has become more and more popular, many brides ask this question because they are not really sure what it means. A first look is a moment cordinated by a wedding photographer for the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony – private and intimate. Normally, a bride and groom arranges with us a quite location at the wedding site sucluded from family and friends. This gives you privacy and makes that moment just for the two of you. The groom is looking towards me while you starts walking towards him from behind. You would then tap his shoulder, and he will turn around and see you, his beautiful bride, for the first time.

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After you have had a moment to yourselves, we head to take some bride and groom portraits, then of course we take pictures with the family and the bridal party. We tuck you away (the bride) before guests arrive. That pretty much sets you free to relax and enjoy your wedding.

Certainly, I don’t impose myself on any of my brides and grooms, but whenever I am asked for my professional opinion, I recommend the First Look. Here is why. A lot will happen on your wedding day; a couple in love will get married, greet guests, mingle, have a first dance, parent dances, eat, toast, cut the cake, bouquet toss and more. In-between the ceremony and reception we only have about 40 to 45 min to capture portraits with bridal party, portraits with the family and romantic bridal portraits of the two of you.

Horn Photo-Design-0260By having a first look, you are basically adding another full hour to your wedding day, which means that you will get two hours of portrait photography instead of the 40 to 45 minutes you end up with if you are having your pictures taken during the cocktail hour. This translates to having more time for those magazine bridal portraits, and for more candid and fun pictures with your bridal party and family. Since the bridal party and family pictures will already be taken at the start of the day, they can head off and enjoy the cocktail hour, while we sneak off with the two of you during that hour. It’s your opportunity to be romantic, cuddle and relax into each others arms for the first time as husband and wife. We also ask someone to bring you an horderve plate and some beverages so you can “eat and be merry”!

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