Clientele + Soul Matching

ADORE ADORE ADORE… we truly adore our clients!  A truly  sincere, wrapped around their little finger kind-of-love. Honestly, by the time we are shooting the wedding, the guests are asking us how long we have been friends with the bride and groom.  When people watch how we interact with our clients they automatically assume we have known them for a very long time, like high school riding the bus together friends. We delight in the seamless blend we have with our couples.

But we have to admit this is not by chance. We attribute it to Selective Clientele. However, we are not the ones doing the selecting, our clients choose or “select” us. 

To be honest this all happened by chance as we began our business Starting of, we were not sure how to “effectively market” our business. So in lieu of this we did what I knew how to do, we shared about who we were and what we loved. It was working, we would hear from clients that they loved our get personal page, and even more than that, they chose us because of it. That’s when we learned the more we put our true selves out there, the more we attached clients with the same personality, style and qualities. Our photography website and blog are designed to attract a very specific type of couple. This has nothing to do with looks, age, weight, skin color, or preference of Hulu shows. But more with, “soul matching” kinda like soul mates.  One of two things happen when clients visit our website or blog and experience our brand:

1.) True Attraction – A potential client likes us more (maybe it’s because we are dog lovers, or chocolate fanatics, Brandon’s wood working, or our quirky like experiences)

2.) Mosquito Repellent – A potential client will clash with our style  (maybe they likes burnt toast, telemarketing phone calls, people reading over their shoulders.)

Horn Photo & Design Sarah + Mark-0647

If you would like to work with clients who are your “soul matches” here are a few questions to think about…

1.) Does your website reflect who you are as a person?

2.) Are you telling your personal and professional story at the same time?

3.) Have you chosen key words that  express the type of client you would like – they use those key words to choose the photos you share on your portfolio?(for example our key words are: fresh, flirty, fun and creative)

4.)Do you provide your clients with tips that also help to explain your shooting style?

5.) Have you been honest (be honest with your preference in style – they best photos happen when you are doing what you love rather than trying to please everyone).

6.) Most important, do you know yourself and do you love yourself? (If you know and love yourself then you can truly give of yourself and provide your clients with an experience they will treasure for a lifetime.)


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