April 3, 2020



If you’re a wedding photographer like us then most likely your business has been hit HARD due to the pandemic. Know that you are not alone boo!

Over the lest few weeks we have gone from having a full and beautiful spring weddings season to not knowing what each day will hold, not to mention the financial cost that we will have to shoulder.

Also, all of our amazing and absolutely wonderful engaged couples have either had to reschedule their beautiful weddings or if their wedding is this summer they are nervously watching the news and considering their options.

So today we wanted to share Seven Covid-19 Wedding Tips we have learned over the past few weeks to help you take amazing care of your couples during these uncertain times.

1. Keep Open and Quick Communication With Your Couples
When your couples reach out to you regarding their wedding date return their email or phone call as soon as possible. I know your inboxes are full and just keep getting fuller but it is vital to stay connected.

2. Respond With Great Love
Everyone is nervous and stress during this uncertain time so be sure to speak and respond with Great Love. Reassure your couples that you are there for them and you will work with them to reschedule their wedding date.

3. Create an Online Wedding Booking Calendar That Updates Automatically
We, personally, use Calandly and have created an online Wedding Booking Calendar. We have sent this calendar to all of our couples who are needing to reschedule their weddings. It gives access to all of our available dates for wedding rescheduling and updates automatically as couples move their dates. This ensures that everyone has the most up do date options to make their decision making process easier.

4. Wave Rescheduling Fees for 2020
I know, this one may be hard to swallow especially with the financial hit we are all taking. However, during this time of uncertainty it is a little something we can do to help couples through this process. They too are taking financial hits.

5. Break Up Wedding Payments
For example, our typical reschedule policy still requires our couples to adhere to their original payment schedule when they change their wedding date. However, during this time we are breaking up that last payment for our couples into two payments. One payment is still scheduled at it original time and the second payment is due 30 days from their new wedding date. Not only will this lesson the financial strain on your beautiful couples but it will also give you a cash flow during this time so you can buy groceries. Starving artist are a real thing right now.

6. Send A Little Something To Your Couples
This week we decided to send a little something to our couples to give them hope, love and joy through all of this. For us, we created and sent out a 30 Day Stay At Home Date Night Ideas Magazine (we printed it in our home), a prayer for Trust In God, and a personalized letter.

The little something you send could be:
*A hand written letter
* A cute email
* An e-card
* A Tik Tok sent to their social media account
* Two hand made face mask (if you sew)

7. Above All Stay Positive
The number one thing that helps everyone is to stay positive. Share a smile, love, compassion and an open heart. This is what we all need right now.

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