Engagement Shoot Locations  + 10 Engagement Photos to Inspire You

We often get the question, “Where is a beautiful place for our engagement photos?”, here is our answer:)

We want your engagement shoot to genuinely reflect how you love, your truest self, what makes you giddy and the journey you walk hand in hand. We encourage our clients to be invested in the shoot and take ownership in how their love is documented.

A few questions to ask yourself when choosing your location:
Where do we spend most of our time?
What do we like to do as a couple?
Where did he propose?
Where was our first date?

If your anything like me, you get caught up in work, family, friends and…well life, right?. We go through our day not realizing how our “everyday” is beautiful, personal and unique. The challenge here, is to take some time to think about your love story and how the journey is unfolding, then revealing that in front of our cameras.

Your love story could be you reading a book on the couch with your head on a pillow in his lap while he is drinking a warm cup of coffee. This followed by making a wonderful meal together and then enjoy a glass of wine on the porch as the sun sets. We can document that in a way that shows the true beauty of your love. Or maybe it’s walks in the park with your dog, stopping for an ice-cream cone and then taking a nap by the ocean. Whatever your journey is OWN IT, it’s beautiful!

Here are a few photos to inspire you.

Horn Photo & Design-0066Horn Photo & Design Sam+Mike-0058Horn Photo & Design E+M-0035Horn Photo & Design-0008Horn Photo & Design K+R-0031Horn Photo & Design V+E-0042Horn Photo & Design Julia + John-0072Horn Photo & Design-0016Horn Photo & Design K+R-0038
Horn Photo & Design J+A-0038Horn Photo-Design 1-0051Horn Photo-Design -0025Horn Photo-Design-0026Horn Photo-Design Insta-0049

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