Exciting Announcement: We Are Officially The Three of Us!

Our team has now grown by one… Ben Grant, an absolutely amazing filmmaker has joined our Horn Photography + Design team and we are beyond ECSTATIC!! It’s kinda like taking the best cup of warm yummy coffee you have ever had and adding in a splash of Irish cream, drizzling it with warm caramel, and topping it with whip cream. In the word of Joey from Friends… “How you doin?”!!

As a creative team we are passionate story tellers and expanding the capacity to tell a couple’s love story through both photography + cinematography captivates our hearts exponentially. We are creatively bursting at the seams with warm yummy goodness! In keeping with our belief of cultivating real relationships with our clients we wanted to introduce Ben and give you a little insite into who this creative filmmaker is. We asked Ben a few questions…

Who are you besides a filmmaker?
I’m a husband to Sondra, and dad to three wonderful little ones.  I’m also a musician/songwriter 15 years strong and have written over 1,000 songs.  

How did you get into the Cinematography business (especially wedding cinematography)?
I began as an intern during college for a production company and haven’t looked back since. Over the past 13 years my role has grown and changed, but I have been a full time filmmaker for the past 10 years. I also worked for the same production company that I interned for, for close to 10 years.   During that time I would take on extra projects, including weddings.  I always enjoyed capturing weddings, but as I’ve grown and learned how powerful story through video is, I’ve grown to love capturing weddings even more.  

How long have you been a filmmaker?  Going on 14 years!

Do you have a philosophy that drives your films?
I’m passionate about using the power of a story to drive w
hat I capture, edit and deliver. Every human has a unique story and that comes through in the frames that I’m able to capture … that’s what makes me most excited. To create a physical reminder in the form of video to pass along to generations is such an amazing thing to be able to do!

What are the advantages of selecting a photography + cinematography team to capture a couples love story?
There are so many advantages to having a team on the photography/cinematography front. One of the nice advantages is that communication is streamlined for both the clients and the team. Creative intentionality about what we are all shooting delivers more then just a recap of the wedding day but rather tells a captivating story which captures true emotion and individual souls who spark of love brings meaning to life. And last but not least, working together ensures we all have the right shots and moments.  The more eyes and brains are focused on a couple on their special day, the better, again to ensure no moment is missed as well as all the beautiful candid moments that we are able to capture.

What type of information from the bride is helpful to you as a filmmaker?
I always love to find out what is important to the bride, and the vision they have of the memories they are most excited to see. This gives me a direction that is personal to the bride and helps pinpoint the overall vibe and feel that I will be able to create.

Do you recommend doing engagement cinematography?
I love being able to elaborate and extend people’s stories. Being able to add the engagement portion and hearing about their story leading up the their big wedding day is so powerful!  I love any opportunity to add that dimension to a couples story.

What can a couple do to help insure that the cinematography turns out beautifully?
I think it’s most important to just have fun and be themselves and enjoy their day! Often the sweetest moments are those that are unplanned… the ones that just happen.

For more info on Ben and to see his work visit Meet Us – Ben Grant!

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