From Nitty Gritty -to- Fun, Flirty & Fabulous

Shooting In The City

I grew up in the Windy City of Chi Town and loved it. I could also envision romance on it’s city sidewalks as people would hold hands at the corners waiting to cross the busy streets, kiss each other goodbye when parting in front of the large historic city building or laughing together while eating lunch on the park benches. City LOVE!

We recently had the opportunity of capturing the love story of Amanda + Brian in historic Ybor City. The memories of Chi Town came rushing back to life for me; taking the Nitty Gritty and turning into FUN, FLIRTY, & FABULOUS.

Horn Photo-Design Insta-0036I always send an email to my clients saying: “Don’t hesitate to check out photo shoot locations beforehand. I encourage you to find a spot that reflects your love and a place you’ll both feel comfortable. And please note that there is no such thing as an ‘ugly’ location….there is beauty everywhere….we just have to find it! We have shot pretty much in every location imaginable (dumpsters, septic tanks, graffiti walls, etc), so please know that the location doesn’t necessarily have to be pretty at every corner )”

Horn Photo-Design Insta-0007To be honest, the more nitty and gritty the more fun I have as a photographer. I love photographing the unexpected and capturing it’s beauty. Love can make any location vibrant and using creativity as a photographer can capture the shine. For me, I have found the best way to pull creativity from a location is experience the location beforehand. Live in it, experience it then fall in love with it.

Horn Photo-Design Insta-0049

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