Full Sun Shooting + Natural Reflectors

We live in Florida, the “sunshine state”, 98% of the time it is full on sunny here.  So… trying to avoid ever having to shoot in full sun is impossible. Most of the time we are blessed with beautiful canopy tree cover or some other type of shade, but every now and then full sun is our only option. To add another element into the mix, we are natural light photographers – other than using external flash during a reception – we choose to use natural light and natural reflectors for all our photos. As you can imagine learning to bravely shoot in full sun was a must. 

At any given time when Brandon and I are shooting most likely our camera setting are different from each other. This holds true even when shooting with the same lens. And yes, we still end up with photos that are seamless from each other. Even in full sun.

For the images below I used my 24-70,  F/5.5, ISO 100, s/s 1/800. I chose to narrow my aperture to bring in the beautiful landscape and rich color. And don’t let the wispy white could in the background fool you, the sky directly over head was crystal blue.

Horn Photo & Design Full Sun-0001

We place the bride and groom on a floating medal dock, giving us a natural reflector off the medal + the natural reflection off the water.  Our personal preference is to allow for some shadowing because the human eye uses shadows for perception. Our personal style is to avoid the “super imposed” look.

Horn Photo & Design Full Sun-0002Shooing the ring in full sun is always a treat, it brings out the bling! 

Horn Photo & Design Full Sun-0004

In this photos we placed the bride and groom in front of a white stone drive that was leading up to the water.  The light reflected of the white stone as a natural reflector eliminating any harsh shadows under the eyes, nose or chin. Worked like a charm.

I hope this helps a bit if you happen to find your self shooting in direct full sun.

Michelle Horn 

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