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So I have to admit, before every wedding I get butterflies in my stomach. Crazy I know, after four years I still get nervous. But here is the thing, its always new and unique to me. A new couple, a unique love story and a new beautiful day. On the way over Brandon and I will say a little prayer for our bride and groom. We then say a little prayer that God will show our eyes his beauty, steady our hands and guide our words. This usually calms me right down and allows me concentrate on the wedding at hand.

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A month out from every wedding I will send our Brides an email going over what wedding prep and getting ready photos will look like. For us this is essential, we want our brides to feel comfortable and know they are going to be well taken care of. I also include a timeline to empower our brides when it comes to making pre wedding arraignments. For most brides this is their first wedding – and as is true for all of us – having an organized timeline as a guide helps a lot. Obviously timing is flexible so its a “guide”. A few things I include in the email are:

Wedding Love Tips: I have noticed that hair and makeup can run over about an hour on occasion. Unfortunately, this also cuts into photo ops. I have started to strongly recommend that all hair and make up is done before we arrive to ensure plenty of time for great photos. We want to make sure you’re well take care of. We can reenact the hair and makeup super easy:)

Brandon and I will arrive to your room 2 hours prior to the ceremony and take detail photos of your dress, shoes, jewels, flowers and wedding invitation first (this takes about 30 min). If you would like to have someone in charge of laying those items out for you before we arrive, it will ensure that timing goes smoothly. Once we have the detail shots, Brandon will head to the guys’ room and get photos of them getting ready.

I will then get photos of the girls or your mom helping you into your dress! This takes about 30min as well. After this we can get photos of you in your dress and you with the girls and Mom + Dad. I love this hour before the wedding it’s so energetic!

If our couple is doing a first look we suggest starting 2.5hrs in advance depending on if we will be taking all the wedding party and family photos before the wedding as well.

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