How We Spot The Hidden Gems

As I walk through the national forest which we now call home, my coffee in one hand a journal in the other, apart of me can’t believe how breathtakingly beautiful it all is. The beauty out shines the city lights and an overwhelming sense of peace flows through calming the soul. It is this undiscovered beauty that charms my heart and seems to charm the heart of so many others.

It is this same undiscovered beauty that I look for at each wedding venue we shoot. Last week I talked about SCOUTING THE LOCATION + UNDISCOVERED BEAUTY . I shared the steps we take to scout the location before the wedding so we have a game plan laid-out and we are ready for the day. I also mentioned that we don’t shoot in “key locations” that everyone else shoots in, we strive to see the venue differently and shoot using the less traveled hidden gems that the location has to offer. I received an email requesting that I elaborate more on how we find the less traveld hidden gems.  I hope this helps to shed some light on how we do that.

As I mentions in the scouting post I always listen to where other photogs usually shoot (“key locations”)… then I try my best not to shoot in those areas as I feel they get overused. Knowing where those “key locations” are shows me the parameters that I want to push and leap past giving my clients uniquely beautiful photos. Of corse if my couple request a photo in a specific location that is commonly used I will shoot there for sure, because taking amazing care of my clients comes first. However, I will also take them down a creative road and show them the hidden gems as well.

Horn Photography-DesigHIdden Gem2-001This amazing field with the gorgeous tree right in the middle was behind the wedding venue. Never before used because it required walking across the parking lot then across the field to get to its beauty. I took our fabulous bride Skyler out to it and she absolutely LOVED IT!!! We did the first look at this location. 

How we spot the hidden gems:
*I use google earth to map out the landscape around the venue. With google earth I can see areas that surround the venue that may be out of view or hidden from street level. For example: a little creek or pond that may be just outside of the venue property, a huge open field sitting on the other side of a row of trees that encompasses a venue, a sweet bridge within walking distance of the venue, a huge graffiti wall, an over pass overtaken by moss… the hidden gems are endless.
*Brandon and I always walk around the entire venue. And when I say walk around I mean even walking in the back where the dumpsters are. Crazy I know, but, we have found beautiful alley ways, gorgeous old wooden cellar doors, beautiful old stair cases, vintage brick walls and more just from walking where most do not.
*We look at the inside of the venue with fresh eyes and ask the questions:
– What unique angles can we shoot from in here?
– Where can we stand to shoot from overhead in a new way?
– Is there a place we can shoot from, at a distance, to encompass the entire venue from a less traveled
vantage point.
– Are there any rooms, walls or corners that have not been shot in and offer beautiful lighting + a
world of creativity?
*My last little tidbit of goodness comes from looking at places where sunlight shines in as a ray. I like to envision how the ray will move through a room or over outside green areas as the day progresses. As I estimate the sun ray’s path I envision how to use the space to create a beautiful photo.

I hope this helps to give some insight on how we seek out those hidden gems. Have a fabulous week!

Horn Photography-DesigHIdden Gem-001

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