Location Scouting & Blue Eyed Horse

For Brandon and I one of the most important steps to capturing the unique love a couple shares is choosing a location that represents who they are. We ask our couples to choose the location and to ask for permission to shoot there. You may be thinking, wait a minute, why do they have to ask for permission?! Thats easy. If a sweet engaged couple walks up to a ranch owner or business location holding hands, giggling and full of joy asking if they can use this beautiful location for their engagement photos, most likely we will get a FREE and happy yes. However, if a business calls asking to use their location, well, it becomes a business deal and a charge to use the location may come into play. We would rather go the happy and FREE route to save our couples money they will need for the wedding.

Once we have the location on board Brandon and I will scout it a few days before the shoot. This allows us to check lighting, be aware of cute details and most important imagine where we will place our couple. As we do a walk through we are snapping away, brainstorming and filling the air with ideas. We look in every nook and cranny.

(I just pictured myself as “Maxine” the little old lady with a cane asking did you clean every nook and cranny. HEHE)

The walk through gives us a great handle on what the day will look like. I then call our couple and walk them through the day, share ideas and get their feedback. Calling our couples and walking them through the day lets them get excited! It puts anxiety behind them and they know we are prepared and ready to focus on them.

Below is a few shots from our walk through. Blued Eyed Horse coming up!

Horn Photo-Desing3-0007Horn Photo-Desing3-0006Horn Photo-Desing3-0011Horn Photo-Desing3-0021Horn Photo-Desing3-0024Horn Photo-Desing3-0025



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