Modern Business Headshots: Atlanta Georgia

The days of impersonal “serious strait face” headshot with a plain white background are over. Thank goodness! Can I get an AMEN!

Today’s clients are savvy and personal. They want to know the people they are doing business with, they want to create an AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIP. They want to see the real people they are working with.


• How you relate to them

• Your personal style

• Your Story


We know that you are so much more than just a brilliant entrepreneur. You have overcome deep inner challenges, climbed over incredible hurdles and undergone life changing transformations. All for one thing… your dream. We got ya hustler! Because there are so many sides of you: the strategist, the trendsetter, the spiritualist, the adventurer, the sensualist, the best friend, the rule breaker – it’s important that your website photographs reflect every facet of who you are. Which is what this shoot is all about.

This week we had the amazing opportunity to work with Informa and document modern business headshots for 18 of their amazing team members at Summerour Studios in Atlanta. Below are a sample handful of the team member photos from the day, we can’t even begin to express just how incredible this team truly is!

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