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What I remember as a child is walking into the home of my parents friends who were world wide travelers. Their house was made up of an eclectic mix of relics, artifacts, world maps and treasures of exploration. On every wall hung photos documenting their amazing life from the time they met, their beautiful weeding day, the lives of their children and times of great adventure. They were artistic professional photographers who shared their lives, loves, and dreams with everyone they meet. Everything they had was acquired over the years, gifts given to them in thanks for the work they did. Love, humility, joy, peace and thankfulness filled their home and once you entered you never wanted to leave. They SHARED their love and were abundantly rich for it.

This was true INSPIRATION! I learned that richness does not come from greed and wealth, but rather true richness comes from sharing ones life, love and dreams.

If you are unfamiliar with a Pass Gallery it is SHARING. Plain and simple.

The galleries can be viewed on any device so your photos can go everywhere your clients do; ready to be shared at any moment with their friends and family. PASS frees you from time consuming and out of date DVDs and USB drives – it is the new way to share high resolution photos with your clients.

PASS :: Shoot & Share! from Shoot & Share on Vimeo.

Now we realize there is a lot of heated debate and drama in the photography industry about Pass and what they do. And we are not trying to heat anyone up. We would just like to share with you why we personally have chosen to use Pass.

The photography industry has two models of Marking + Pricing.

The First Model – Offer a low base price to get the client in, then sell all your prints, books, and digital files at high prices that keep adding up. A $50 “sitting fee” turns into a $500-600 shoot. Or a $1000 wedding package turns into a $4000 final product. But what we are seeing form this are angry client who sometimes never even gets all their wedding photos.

The Second Model – Upfront Pricing (this is what we do). We state right upfront what it cost for us to shoot for X amount of hours + the price for all the photos. Our packages include prints and books, nothing is hidden or “after market”. Of course clients can still purchase extra items if they would like, but in the main package we offer them everything upfront. The most expensive cost in our packages is our time, talent and creativity – not our prints and products.

Does this make our pricing look more expensive? Yes
Does this hurt us? No

Sounds CRAZY, I know. But here is the truth. Our clients are smart, well educated, brilliant individuals who don’t like being swindled or taken advantage of. They now how to research, ask detailed question and make responsible investments.

We share with our clients what we put into capturing their wedding day. We let them know that a wedding photographer carries over $15,000 worth of wedding gear and often works 60- 80 hour weeks. We have a turn around rate of 800 – 1000 images per wedding and it takes several full days to edit + curate each wedding. We let them know that we carry over a million dollars in insurance, we work with up to date software, we produce high quality albums that will last for generations. They know from us SHARING that we have over 100 weddings under our belt, we have been professionally published and take excellent care of of each and every one of our clients. They see and experience our talent, creativity, love and passion for our work and for capturing their unique love story.

The price reflects the outstanding quality of work and service they will be receiving. Nothing is hidden or added in later unless they choose to hold off and purchase something later. Our clients absolutely love that we are upfront with all our pricing and we are open and honest. They love that, when asked to explain why are pricing is set high, we don’t get upset or offended, we simple explain what goes into our business.

A few questions we get asked about Pass

Are you worried about just letting your images out there?
Honestly, No. As profesional photographers we copyright all our images. Pass also keeps track of where our photos have been shared, how many views they have had, what photos have been downloaded and where in the world our photo are going. Also, because our images are copyrighted, if someone was to use them without our consent it is a $5000 – $25,000 fine per image, per use. And most, if not all, reputable companies that use photography are well aware of this. Plus the more people that see our work the more referral and clients we see.


Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 11.18.54 AM

Pass only charges clients $1 – 4×7’s, $2 – 5×7 and $4 – 8×10’s, don’t you feel like this is ripping you off as a photographer? Photography is worth more then that!!

Your right! If you are only charing your client a $50 sitting fee and then selling prints for $1 – $4 you are giving away your life, love, dreams and talent. You are working for about $.000025 per hour. Ridiculous! Our clients would never expect us to work for that. Pass does not expect us to work for that. This is why charging upfront for our talent, time, and creativity (our life, love and dreams) is SOOOOO important. This is why it is so important to educate our clients on what we do as a photographer and artist. Just a side note, we also offer large canvas prints to our clients as well (these are priced out in our office during the client consolation.)

Does Pass offer file storage?
YES! This is the best, once we upload a gallery Pass has a 10 year backup already included. We also keep two of our own backups, but Pass is an online storage for us as well.

Do your clients find it easy to use Pass?
YES! Pass is beautiful + simple to use. Most of our clients are very computer savvy and love that we have a computer savvy way to share their images. Brandon and I are also very personal with our clients. When we reveal their photos we have them over for dinner, dessert and the grand reveal. We run through how the gallery works at that time (they see it live and take the controls). We also send them the Pass Welcome link, the link shares very short video tutorials walking them through each step if they need a refresher.

For us Pass in a win win situation. We love it and our clients love it. If you have additional questions regarding Pass feel free to email us, we would be more then happy to answer your questions.

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