Setting Business Standards + Morals

We were leaving a coffee shop 6 years ago on a rainy summer day discussing our life together and starting a new business. We began to talk about why we always go to the same coffee shop, the same handful of favorite restaurants, the same hair dressers and so on. We valued their standards of service and the morals their business ran by.  The coffee shop for example was unique, artistic, organic, full of heart and offered amazing service. We truly felt loved, known and valued each time we went there.

As we drove home we began to discuss the standards and morals we wanted for our own business. Establishing this base foundation has been priceless in defining, setting apart, and growing our business exponentially. Living up to these standards and morals in all that we do with the business has produced the fruit of clients seeing value, dignity and worth in our company.

Horn Photography & Design Brofal-076Our business standards and morals flourished from three questions:
*How do we desire to be served by a business?
*How do we want to feel when we interact with the business?
*What standard of quality do we expect from a business?

Our answers were and still are today this day:
*We want to be served with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, generosity, gentleness, faithfulness and genuine interest in who we are as clients.
*We want to feel loved, known, respected, appreciated and valued.
*The standard of quality we expect is the best they can truly offer.

Holding on to + implementing these standards and morals has allowed us to create real relationships along good friendships with our clients. Without them we could not do what we love. A big shout out to all our clients, WE LOVE YOU!!!! Thank you for all your amazing support.


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