Shooting + the Rings

I love to hear stories of our couples’ spontaneous romantic proposals; well spontaneous for her and shaking hands with quivering voice for him that is;) Diving into their love stories allow Brandon and I to know our couples better and capture more intimate photos that represent their unique story. Knowing the story behind the rings also helps with our creativity the day of their fabulous wedding.

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To shoot the rings we first start with light; we prefer natural light. For us natural light brings out the true brilliance and sparkle of the diamonds. We personally feel that tungsten light does not provide the light quality we are going for with our style and branding. We always set up three shots so when editing we can choose what fits the day best. These three shots include: a classic traditional shot of the rings together, a shot of them in the box they come in or on whatever the ring bearer is carrying them on (this depends on how the bride presents them to me), and lastly a stylish shot to reflect the day.

Next, to get inspired for the ring shot, we play off the story the bride wants to tell on her wedding day.

-If the focus is nautical or beach I will use the surrounding natural nautical environment. We have a lot of that here in Florida.

Horn Photo & Design Melissa + AJ-0108– If its a colorful & playful wedding with a modern upbeat vibe I will choose fun playful modern arrangements for the rings.

Horn Photo & Design Sarah + Mark-0727– And for a classic romantic wedding we choose a more classic sleek ring shot.

Horn Photo & Design2-0133Horn Photo & Design-0125We usually spend about 10min on the ring shots. There is a lot to cover on the wedding day so knowing our goals and having the three shots in mind helps to expedite the ring shots.

Horn Photo-Design adds-0001I hope this helps. If you have shooting questions feel free to ask them on the blog or our Facebook page. We love being a part of a community of photographers that work together.
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