Sneak Peeks + How to Choose What Photos to Share

Sneak Peeks… we love sharing them and our clients love to see them.  On average during a one hour session Brandon and I capture about 100 photos for our clients.  For a sneak peek we will select our top 25-30 to share.  Obviously, the photos we post are our absolute favorites + they define our style for future clients. Recently we were asked, how do you select which photos to post? How do you trademark your style?

It really all boils down to our personal style and preference. We select portfolio pieces that express the heart of our business and it’s adventurous forward movement. We have a list of key words we look to express through our photography, FRESH, FUN, FLIRTY + CREATIVE.  How each couple expresses these traits will be unique to them, but when you see these words come alive in a photo it is truly moving.  At any given location, Brandon and I will shoot several photos, moving our clients into poses as we go. And yes, we do end up with several photos that look similar. But the key here is to get our clients to express their truest self.

Ok, so now how do we select which one to use out of the several similar photos? Since a photo is worth 1000 words I thought it would be easiest to show examples. All three photos below we adore and choosing which one to post can be tricky.

Horn Photo & Design Sam+Mike-0151

With this first photo we asked Mike and Samantha to toast to their up coming wedding and then for Mike to lean in and kiss Samantha on the neck. I loved how Samantha was looking up and away, very playful and sweet. But we wanted to pull our more of their romantic side.

Horn Photo & Design Sam+Mike-0149Here we asked them to do the same thing, but for Samantha to close her eyes when Mike kissed her neck.  They executed it perfectly! It was flirty, fresh and fun. However, I also wanted an angle that said creative, stunning, alluring. I wanted the fun, bubbly, yet elegant champagne glass (they are using at their wedding ) to accent the moment.

Horn Photo & Design Sam+Mike-0152

This is the photo we posted on the blog. Brandon and I will take several photos in the moment moving around our clients so we have a few angles to choose from.  This was the photo that had it all, FRESH, FUN, FLIRTY + CREATIVE. The angle of the photo reflects their closeness to one and other. It adds the creative, stunning and alluring look we were going for. Plus Samantha’s ring and the bubbly champagne accents the photo beautiful.

We hope this help, it can be tricky to explain what goes on in our minds at times:) I will do a post next week that talks more about how we pose our clients.  Thanks for reading, you ROCK!

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