Wonderfully Unexpected Moments

Over the years Brandon and I have become accustom to being prepared for wonderfully unexpected moments. We have captured the unexpected moment of  the bridesmaids running to the window, while the bride is getting ready, because they see the beautiful archway and wedding chairs getting put into place outside. To moments of little ones trying a sip of sparking juice for the first time during the wedding toast.

Horn Photograph & Design Kiersten + Louis-104

To make sure we are prepared for what ever may come about we have four things we do for each wedding.
• We scout the venue location in advance.
• We prepare for the lighting changes as we move around the venue from room to room and from indoors to outdoors.
• We constantly scan the action during the wedding so we don’t miss a thing.
• And based on people watching we anticipate moments.

Horn Photograph & Design Kiersten + Louis-834

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