I have finally hit the 6 month mark of growing out my gray hair and I have to say, I’m loving it! It may be because I am a creative and a big piece of me is hard wired to go against the grain, to jump outside the box and live life with free abandon. But I also believe it is because I am truly becoming the woman God created me to be, early gray hair and all.

Over the past few months I have developed a closer connection with my great great grandmother who I never met through this process of letting my silver strands shine. My great great grandmother had gorgeous white hair for as long as anyone can remember. The story has it that she too went gray early in her 20’s, she never died her hair and all of her children just remember how long, beautiful and perfectly white it was (and yes I am picturing Elsa too). She was the talk of the town with her long beautiful white strands… its been my hope since I was a little girl looking at old photos to inherit her gorgeous white hair.

Oh and a little update from my last Gray post. Last month I received news that I was anemic which happens to a lot of women in their “fertile” years, if you know what I mean. To fix the issue my doctor sent me in for an iron infusion, it was just what I needed. The infusion took place in the hospital, basically I sat in a little room for about 7 hours Netflix binging waiting for the IV do drip the iron into my bloodstream. It was pretty much painless (aside from the first stick of the needle), no side effects and made a world of difference for the good. My hair is no longer thinning, my nails are growing incredibly fast and I have an abundance of energy. If your doctor every says you need one, have no worries, it is a breeze and leaves you feeling fantastic.

Here is a current photo of my gray, obviously I have a long way to go yet, I’m guess about two years till its all grown out .

Horn Photography & Design Grey-001

I also thought it would be fun to do a photo collective of the last 6 months so y’all could see the progress thus far.

This was two month in after the last root touch up I did. The first month in you could hardly see the roots so I did not take a photo that month.
Horn Photography + Desing 1 Gray Hair-001 Month 3 finally starting to see a little more then just a white line.

Horn Photography + Desing Self Portrait-007Four months and I had some real gray to talk about!

Horn Photography + Design Gray 3-001 And 5 months in, starting to look like a gray ombre.

Horn Photography & Design Gray2-001

To all my silver sisters out there on this journey with me I cheers you today. Weather you are on day one or two years in with a head full of beautiful gray hair, I wanted to send you my love, encouragement and excitement for embracing who you are. You can be 22 and gray or 60 and gray – it does not matter, gray no longer has an age and really it never did. We as a society put and age on gray, nature never did. Gray is the purest hair color and can’t fully be recreated in a salon. This is a color you have to be blessed with, so hold your heads up high, smile and love every minute of it.  YOU GOT THIS!

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