July 5, 2018

Our Dining Room: the Before & After Reveal

Our Dining room is one of our most loved spaces in our home. It is where we connect each morning as we enjoy breakfast together. Then connect again at lunch as we sit at this table to take a break from our mid day work routine. But our favorite meal here is dinner. It’s in this space that we wind-down for the evening, enjoy a hot cozy meal, sip on some wine and relax.

the dining room before and after wooden ceilings wooden walls white interior

The Dining Room Table

This is also the space where we gather with family + friends to reminisce about old stories, laugh till our stomachs hurt and also play a game of dominos or two. Our dining room table was our wedding gift from Brandon’s parents and has been with us for going on 9 years. It took us forever to pick out the perfect table. We wanted something that would last a lifetime with a butcher block top and grow, or in our case, shrink with us. Our table is currently set up to fit 4 guest, however it has a built-in hidden leaf and opens to fit 8 beautifully. And yes, we still have room in our tiny home to open it up.

Gosh… if this table could talk it would have some amazing stories to tell. Stories about birthday parties, late night taco runs, endless board games with best friends and so much more. We have used our table as the main design inspiration for our entire home since life seems to happen around it.

Dining room table minimalist

dining room table with hoosier

From High-Back to Low-Back

Originally the table came with high-back chairs, however when we set them up in our space they looked overpowering. So… we cut them down and made them into low-back chairs. The change automatically created a more open feeling space and we love the way they turned out.

Shipyard pulley Edison bulb chandelier

The Chandelier

In the photo above is our handmade Shipyard Pulley Edison Chandelier. We had some left over Edison lights from our old photography studio and we wanted to put them to good use in our home. So with a big smile I shared with Brandon my vision for the chandelier and with a few Home Depot trips and Brandon’s amazing wood working abilities we made it come to life. The pulley is entirely made of wood by his hands.

When it came to decorating we used the built-in-shelf that wraps around our entire downstairs to place our favorite art pieces, some greenery (we are obsessed with house plants) and things we have collected over our travels together. And sitting on the floor behind our table we have a big photo of our Fergie when she was just a puppy!

Before and After of Our Dining Room

Since our dining room is on the smaller side we wanted to keep it airy and inviting by using all white to brighten everything up. The sun dances in this space all day long. Here is a peek at the before. It’s not bad, just not the “Happy”we were looking for. Plus everything you see below came with the house when we bought it. We gave most of it to charity and even sold some. And then began the hard work of remodeling.

Before and after before & after our dining room wooden ceiling cabin a-frame

For us the after is so worth it.

You may notice that we kept the antique hoosier the previous owner left behind and gave it a little face lift. We just adore this piece and use it for our morning coffee + tea. It also holds our liquor cabinet below. It is perfect for keeping our space clean, organized and clutter free.

wine stoppers, wine bar dining room remodel

Everything fits perfectly and tea is easy to select.

tea bar, coffee bar, dry bar, French press white interiors

Espresso cups horn photography and design Dahlonega ga husband and wife photographer team

We hope you love the space as much as we do!

Tiny house our dining room a-frame horn photography and design

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