Tiny A-Frame Master Bedroom Before & After

Before we moved in we decided to paint the entire house including our master bedroom, it has come a long way from what it was.  Our tiny a-frame in the mountains, was a far off dream when we first started our house hunt almost a year ago and we thought “yeah, we’ll take one of those!”. But to be honest we thought the dream would forever be just out of our reach.  People don’t typically sell their a-frames all that often, they are a rare find to come by. But… by the grace of God, He heard our hearts and placed this spacial little place right in out path.  The very first day we moved in the previous owners called us to welcome us home. It was the sweetest thing ever! They told us about all its history and why they had to sell since she had gotten very sick over the past few years and this was their “home away from home“. We felt something special in the old charm of a very practical space.

Because our space is tiny we have made a conscious decision to make our bedroom a room for rest + relaxation not an extension of our office.  It is a room without a tv, or laptops, or anything that would distract us from feeling rested.  From day one of our marriage we both agreed that the bedroom was not a place we wanted a tv, we wanted the space to be our sanctuary.  A place where the rest of the world drifts away and we can cuddle up and talk about our day, sip tea while reading a book, take an afternoon nap or simply play with our pups in the covers.

BeforeThis was the before, very dark and closed in feeling – it kind a reminds me of the show “Stranger Things”. No monsters in the wall please.  We wanted our space to feel open, airy, bright and welcoming. We are huge fans of light.

When we were designing our master bedroom we thought about what brings us comfort. Obviously I thought of pillows, pillows pillows! Our top three priorities for our little retreat: simple greenery, minimal decor, and comfy bedding. In the past we had way to much stuff in our bedroom and often felt as though it was cluttered. By making the choice to have less stuff we feel incredibly free.

We made a few minor changes to the room to give it a little facelift: swapped out the beige switch plates for white ones, added floating night stands with modern reading lights (Brandon hand crafted them) and freshened up the carpet. Our bedroom doesn’t necessarily have a door, but we have added white floor to ceiling curtains which closes in our little space at night. It feels like your in a beautiful privet treehouse at a spa resort.

With our entire home design we have been leaning towards a minimal Scandinavian style, with hints of old charm in the accents and certain furniture pieces.  Everything is thought out when you go tiny and so worth it. We honestly can’t even peek inside of our bedroom without wanting to take a quick nap.



The master bedroom loft is open to the rest of our home and during the day that is perfect, but at night we love our privacy. The floor to ceiling white curtains make for a romantic little get away + close off the office.

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