11 Need To Know Wedding Tips

We love weddings, obviously we are wedding junkies and have made them our job. It’s our job to be ready for every moment, every question, every situation and every kiss. With this in mind, plus wedding season kicking into gear, I thought it an appropriate time to share a few tips our brides find helpful on their wedding day.

1.) Before your photographers (thats us;) arrive, have someone in charge of laying out all your wedding day goodies on a table or the bed – wedding invitation, shoes, rings (his and yours), jewelry, favorite lip gloss, vows, garter and so on. This will make get those important details quick and easy with no detail left behind.

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2.) Make sure your beautiful flowers have arrive before your first look or portraits.

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3.) If you tear up at precious moments, make sure to have your hankie handy.

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4.) As you walk down the aisle to your dapper groom let us all see your gorgeous face. It’s a long walk, I know, and everyone is staring, but please fight the temptation to look down at the ground. You look fabulous, so keep your chin up, look at your groom, take in every moment. Plus, (we) your photographers wants to see your stunning eyes!

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5.) Please don’t lock your knees during the ceremony, keep them slightly bent. Locking your knees can cause you to faint, and we know everyone has a phone ready to capture any unexpected moments.

6.) When you share your first kiss, hold it a little longer then usual because you can. Embrace this moment.

Horn Photo+Design -00497.) A little side not: your bridal party doesn’t have to be even on both sides – we actual like an uneven party, it makes for awesome bridal party photos.

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8.) Know your fabulous side. And always give your fabulous side.
9.) When posing, be sure to put more weight on one hip and keep your back strait, this will accent your exquisite curves and give that polished model look. To avoid “fat arm” keep your elbows away from your body.
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10.) As the bride, you should be the one cuddling and leaning into your groom, not vice versa. He stands tall, you snuggle in.
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11.) Most Important no matter WHAT happens – the flowers, the dress flaws, things are running behind, whatever it is, forget about it. Smile all day, those things don’t matter and think about what really matters.
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