Busting Myths on SPF, Silica, + Flash Photography

This week I had one of our fabulous brides contact us in regards to using SPF on her wedding day and if it would cause a flash back.

Hi Michelle,
I’ve seen things online regarding SPF in makeup and it doing weird things with wedding photography. I’m assuming this is only with the use of flash and since you guys use natural light plus we’ll be outside in the middle of the afternoon, then I shouldn’t worry about it?!?
I’m just hoping I don’t have to forgo sunscreen in order to avoid ghost face :)
Thanks for your help

This is an awesome question, and since we have never had an issue with flash back in 5 year and over 100 weddings I did a bit of research before answering. As our fabulous bride stated in her email, we are natural light photographers, so most of the day we work without flash making flash backs a non issue. However, most wedding receptions are in the evening and once the sun goes down we do pull out the off camera flash to capture those priceless moments. Over the years we have had several brides use foundations with SPF and still no problem, so we enlisted a little knowledge from a few professional makeup artist and this is what we learned.

1.) It’s all in the application
If you are using a foundation with SPF you will also want to use a loose powder without SPF but with some color to it over top. When applying the loose powder use a puff with a press and roll application, this is best to ensure your entire face has good coverage. Loose powder can help counteract or even eliminate flash back.

2.) Don’t go over board with the SPF
If you have a moisturizer + primer + foundation that all have SPF in them you will want to only choose one of them. Using all three with SPF will run you a greater risk of flash back, even if you have the loose powder on top.

3.) Avoid HD powders
If you are not working with a professional makeup artist it is best to avoid HD powder all together. If HD powder is not applied correctly it can give a very bad flash back. (I personally would stay clear of it.)

With all this said, if you have hired a professional makeup artist for your wedding day, trust that you are in great hands. If you need a professional makeup artist for your amazing day we recommend:

Destiny & Light Hair and Makeup – http://www.destinyandlight.com
These wonderful ladies are equipped to handle event the biggest bridal parties and do flawless airbrushed makeup that last the entire day with NO SHINE! We love their work!!

Lindsay MacConnell- On Location Makeup Artist – http://www.lindsaydoesmakeup.com
If you’re wanting a more one on one approach that is very personal then call Lindsay, she is super sweet and extremely talented. She too creates a beautiful flawless face. Oh and she also does makeup lessons to teaching the trick of the trade.

Let the beauty shine! (no pun intended)

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