April 17, 2020

Eloping During Covid -19 Pandemic: Love Will Find a Way

Churches, restaurants and resorts are all empty, but love still finds a way.

Several couples are eloping and with their two hearts uniting an empty church, restaurant and/or resort are temporarily filled with grace + love!

Some elopements include our couple, their immediate family, their priest or pastor and us. It is always under 10 people (including us) and we as their photogs wear a mask, social distance ourselves and use our telephoto lenses to keep our couples safe.

Our brides still wear their gorgeous dream dress and heals + the grooms look beyond dapper in their amazing suits. Our couples have a beautiful wedding cake made (just a little smaller) plus have beautiful florals everywhere. Their day is still magic and just what this world needs right now.

Also our couples are getting ready together instead of separate and findings it to be one of the most romantic things they have ever done.

Many of our elopements include our couple their pastor /priest and the 2 of us. Simple and sweet. And yes… they still include cake + florals, but most of all they include excitement and deep love!

Our couples are able to unite like never before in a point in history where coming together is scary. They get to overcome and fight back this virus with love.

We have couples hiking mountains to exchange their vows.

And yet others finding a beautiful space + light with in, what is now, empty restaurants.

Perhaps the coronavirus isn’t here to stop anything but to simplify life so we can breathe these moments in deeply. Allowing love to thrive during this time is what makes history. 

So if your love story wants to find a way we are here to help and document if all for you. Love never fails!

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