Guys Fashion for Engagement Sessions

Well it is official spring is in the air and my allergies are making that very clear, or should I say foggy. I have even begun to think that my allergies are out to get me, especial as I hit my head the other morning on the door as I sneezed. Oh spring…even though it is the into of allergies for me I sill love this time of year. It the time all the beautiful flowers spring to life and love fills the air. Perfect time for engagement photos.

One the the most asked question I get is “What should guys wear for engagement pictures?” It’s kind of an ambiguous topic. We as ladies love shopping & find awesome new outfits. Guys, on the other hand, tend to be a little more reluctant to take fashion risks. It has taken me three years but Brandon is now an extremely Stylish Guy. And ladies, when your man can dress, watch out – he is HOT!

Thats right guys, when you have style the ladies find it incredible HOT!

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Five Tips for Guys Engagement Fashion:

1. Let’s define casual. I think there is a misconception that if you want casual pictures, you should dress like it’s a vacation morning on a rainy day. Lounge clothes {loose jeans, t-shirts, warn gym shoes} are really comforting. However, baggie loss fitting beat up regular old cloths are not going to make a lasting impression. You can wear fashionable attire, and still have amazing candid lifestyle photography.

2. Define Your Style. Take some time to figure out what your style is, it can be urban, funky, modern, classic, sleek, rock or even punk – {yes even punk style can be dressed to impress}. A great way to dress up any style is to add a jacket, tie, great shoes or a stylish hat. Plus these make for great props.

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3. Dress neatly. The guys in the magazines have all their clothing tailed for each shoot. Your clothes should fit well, maybe even slightly tighter than normal. You want to be able to move (of course, if you are getting photographed by us), but check to make sure that there aren’t pieces that could be more tailored. If this means you should opt for a new pair of dark jeans or khakis, they will last well into your marriage. She will think you’re pretty dang handsome every time you wear them.

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4. Shoes. The shoes can make or brake an outfit, trust me! We like to take pictures of shoes. It’s kind of artsy, it’s kind of offbeat. It’s fun. I know your beautiful bride-to-be has taken lots of care to pick out her shoes. We girls – we love shoes and we love photos of shoes. When a guys has on a nice pair of kicks, it lets us ladies know that you take time to think thing through. {we love that about a guy}

Horn Photo & Design-0037Horn Photo-Design-00425. Look to GQ or Pinterest. I know guys, your about to die because I said “Pinterest”. However, this is a great and quick way to view and take notes on great mens styles. Check out the link below, I have done all the work of finding the looks all you have to do is click to see them all.
Usually there are layered styles, but I have pined Florida Spring styles as well.

I also have a board to help with this. Pinterest Link:

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Horn Photo & Design Julia + John-0017Horn Photo & Design V+E-0011

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