Perks of Asking Your Local Photographer to Travel for your wedding

We adore destination weddings, they are so romantic, beautiful and intimate. The destination maybe on the mountain tops of the Blue Ridge Mountains or nestled in Moose Lake Lodge on Sun Valley Lake, Colorado or maybe on the sandy beaches of Hawaii. But one thing is for sure, they are memorable.

Horn Photo & Design-0001Obviously, the hope is that every wedding goes off without a hitch, but having been in the “biz” for over 5 years we have found that little mishaps are bound to happen. Thank goodness it is usually something tiny like: a dress strap breaking (we carry safety pins for that), the groom misplacing his boutineer (temporary) or the flowers showing up not as envisioned. Most of these are easy to shrug off and forget. But there is one mishap you will want to avoid, one that will not be easy to forget… disappointing wedding photography. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to look at my wedding photos regretting our choice of photographers with no way of fixing the situation. It would haunt me forever.

While some mistakes are unavoidable, selecting the right photographers for a destination wedding can help prevent terrible photos — and unnecessary stress. When planning a destination wedding the area is usually a bit unfamiliar. The “in’s and out’s of who’s who, whats where and how good is it”, can be extremely stressful. Not to mention trying to choose the photographers who will capture the priceless memories of your big day. Investing in a photographer in your local area and asking them to travel to your wedding is a wise choice. You will have greater control over the outcome of one of the most important elements of your wedding: those precious memories.

Perks to investing in a local photographer and having them travel to your wedding:

1.) Personal recommendations, chances are you will know someone who has worked with a professional photographer and can give you a recommendation.

2.) You can meet in person on multiple occasions to plan your event

3.) Your photographers can capture your engagement photos locally.

4.) You have the opportunity to work with your photographers before your wedding day (to get comfortable in front of their lens and develop a solid working relationship).

5.) The “Grand Reveal” of your photos is done locally.

When it comes to destination wedding planning, it is hard to put a price tag on piece of mind. By making this greater financial investment, you will be able to better control the quality and style of your photographs. You will also be able to choose a person with whom you feel comfortable spending the day or entire weekend. You will know what to expect before the big day unfolds.

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