August 5, 2016

Photography: How to Capture Authentic Love

Brandon and I often get asked, how do we capture photos that truly reflect the authentic love a couple shares. Our answer is and will always be, “it takes real investment in the couples you are working with”. There is no quick, easy fast answer only a genuine one. People matter and getting to know their story, who they are, how they love and what their hopes + dreams are makes all the difference.

It takes work + investment.

Horn Photography and Design wedding Cakes_0069

When we invest in others they too invest in us creating a bond that really does last a lifetime. We become more then “just a vendor” at their wedding and they know they are more then “just another client”. We never want any of our clients to feel like “just another client”, each and every person we work with is priceless to us and we treat them as such.

The biggest thing we can tell any small business owner is this… your clients are the reason your business exists, they are the reason you do what you love and they are the driving force behind you. Treat them with love, respect and dignity. They are Family.

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