Proposing in 2015 + 10 Clever Proposal Ideas

Are you proposing in 2015?

2015 is right around the corner and a great time for new begins, amazing journeys + wonderful adventures. If you a gent who is looking to propose this year, here are a few cleverly cute ideas that just may help. And since this happens only once in your life time it will be incurable memorable.

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1.) For a snowy winter wonderland proposal, pick a beautiful snow filled location. Pack the snow into the letters “Will You Marry Me?” in advance. Then head inside, pack up a few warm blankets, a bottle of wine and the ring. Take your love to your proposal location, wrap her in the warm blanket and get down on one knee.

2.) If you like coffee, head over to your favorite coffee shop with your beautiful love, and have a Sharpie in your pocket. Order your favorite caffeine indulgence. While the coffee is being made grab a seat together. When the barista calls your name for your oder, you (as the gentleman your are) go get the coffees.  Then with that Sharpie you have, write on the cup “Will You Merry Me”?  Make sure you hand her the coffee with the words facing her. Then be ready to drop to one knee.

3.) Plan a date night at the first place you met. Reminisce a little, and then say something like “We’ve had an amazing journey together so far, and I would love for this journey to last for ever. Will you do me the honor of marrying me.”

4.) Gift box proposal (this one takes some planning)… unexpected gifts are always a treat anytime of the year, just ask any girl . Get a few gifts (flowers, a card, chocolate, etc.)  and time them out over the span of a few weeks. After about 2 months wrap the ring box inside successively bigger boxes and give her the gift. Most likely she won’t be suspicious since you have made random gift giving a common thing in your relationship. As each layer is opened, the laughs will grow. Get down on one knee right as the last box is opened.

5.) Play a game of scrabble together, but before the game starts pull out the letters for “Will You Merry Me” and hide them next to you. In the middle of the game when it’s your turn, casually lay down the words “Will You Marry Me?” when she says yes you can exclaim “that is an unbeatable word score!”.

Horn Photography + Design Julie + John-06426.) My personal favorite (because I love chocolate) is to buy a box of chocolates for your love, and replace a chocolate with the ring. When she opens it up, get down on one knee to say the magic words.

7.) If she is a book lover, find out what book is next on her reading list. Pick that book up from the store, present it as a gift at a nice dinner out. In the front cover write “to my beautiful one and only love, Will You Merry Me?” Love forever _____(your name). Then get on one knee with the ring.

8.) A warm cosy fire proposal is always a winner. Pick a cool night that you can make a warm fire outside or in the fire place. Buy the fixings for Smors. Let her toast her marshmallow. Have the gram crackers and chocolate ready so you can sandwich her toasted marshmallow once it is ready. After you have pulled the toasted marshmallow off the skewer and it is snugly between the chocolate + gram crackers, place the ring on top of the Smore sandwich and get on one knee as you hand it to her. Then ask that unforgettable question.

9.) If you would like to include family + friends into the proposal head out for a day at a park, museum, the zoo or any place you can think of. Ask family + friends to be there 20 min. early. Have them holding signs that say “Will You Merry Me” as she reads the signs get down on one knee with the ring.

10.) A sweet proposal. Purchase 2 all white small dessert plate at the store. Then pick up 2 large cupcakes, the key here is to get cupcakes with different frosting so you can tell them apart. Place the cupcakes on the plates to see how much room they take up. Now take a Sharpie and on one plate (where the cupcake will be sitting so it is hidden) write “Will You Merry Me?”. Let that dry for a few min. then place the cupcake over it. Leave the wrapper on the cupcakes. This will insure that she picks it up off the plate.  After a homemade dinner (one that  you make or oder in) say its time for dessert. Bring out the two cupcakes to enjoy. As she takes hers off the plate to unwrap it get on one knee with the ring.


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