Questions I Ask Each Bride 30 Minutes Before She Walks Down The Aisle

Every wedding day there are a few key question I ask our beautiful bride 30 minutes before she walks down the aisle. These are the same questions my dear friend and amazing maid-of-horn, Olivia, asked me before I walked down the aisle. Questions that helped my crazy racing brain + tingaling nerves slow down and refocus… a not so easily task I might add.

Horn Photo & Design -0014Do you need a snack or some water? Many brides are so busy on the day of the wedding that they forget to eat and drink water. We would hate for you to pass out during the wedding.  Arrange for easy -to-eat snacks and water bottles to be placed in the getting-ready area; maybe a protein bar, almonds, cucumber slices and cheese cubes.

Have you used the “little girls room”? If you anything like me, when nerves enter the picture (like when waiting to walk down the aisle)…well, it might be hard to refrain from doing the “peepee dance”. That said, make it a priority to use the ladies’ room before walking down the aisle. Your bladder will be eternally grateful.

Did the makeup artist give you some lipstick touch up? With the talking, snacking and check kisses you will be doing lipstick can fade away quickly. Touching up the lipstick before saying “I Do” we insure that your gorgeous smile is ready to shine.

Does someone have the marriage license on hand for after the ceremony? It’s not official until that baby is filled out, so don’t leave it at home! After all, getting legally married is the point of the day.

Do you have a hankie for the ceremony?  After years in the business we can say that very few brides make it down the aisle tear free.  Ask your grandma for one of her old handkerchiefs (I can almost promise you she’ll have one!) and carry it with your bouquet as you walk down the aisle. When the tears come, you can armed and ready:)

And yes, we are always thinking ahead at your wedding day so you don’t have to, we go your back:)

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