Taking Back Beautiful + Boudoir

I Believe Every Woman Deserves To Feel Pampered, Glamorous + Beautiful!

So often today I see magazine covers, movies and TV ads that all say a women should be “this or that”. As if we are all supposed to fit in this cookie cutter box of who a women should be, how she should look and what she should wear or not wear. I also see extremely disturbing “pornographic” magazines being sold at kiosks up and down big city streets. I personally find that to be the farthest thing from beauty as possible. When I think of the word Beautiful the words demoralizing or selfish-gain never come to mind.

My personal definition of beautiful is possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about; delighting the senses or mind. Something that is good, positive, uplifting, healing and overflowing with love.

My big questions are:


What happened to inner beauty, creativity, originality and self-confidence?

Why are our magazines not spreading those words?

How do we take back the true meaning of beautiful?

I did a little research and found that in the 1920’s the art form of boudoir really started to come into its own. The female body has always been seen as beautiful from the time God created Eve, but in the 1920’s it became main stream in the US to openly view the female body as a work of art. Originally the diversity of the female body was celebrated. The fact that each women looked different (had more curves or less curves) was fabulous to artist because each piece of work was unique, personal and had it’s own story. The woman’s true beauty, who she was as a person shined through. It was about her, not just about her body and what she could be used for.

If we fast forward to the 1940’s we see where the twist came in and a woman’s body became a “pin up”. Yep the “pin up” came into existence. I’m guessing the “selling” of the women’s form brought in a great deal of money, greed, self gain and dirty pleasure. The most heartbreaking is that women started to believe this was beauty because all the guys wanted it. So so sad. Believing the lie.

Did anyone stop to realize that the woman who was the pin up for that week was ripped down thrown in the trash and replaced as soon as the new one came out. When true beauty is present it is not thrown in the trash and replaced, it is treasured.

Ok so how do our boudoir sessions take back beautiful?

My mission is to show women that a beautiful photo of themselves, that captures who they are as a woman, can be valued. She can be treasured. The truest deepest part of her soul can be revealed as beautifully as God intended.

I (Michelle Horn) take your privacy very seriously. I shoot all the boudoir sessions. This is the one and only time we do not function as a husband + wife team. The reason for this is to ensure your comfort, you come first. The second reason is because women share a unique bond of friendship that can heal wounds. We all know it’s great when a guys says you look beautiful, but we always kinda wonder is that just because your attracted to me. But, when a woman says it out of true sincerity it heals our soul.

Now imagine an artist who creates the world’s most beautiful works for art, yep, I’m thinking of God right now. I know, I am a bit corny, but seriously the world, nature, everything and everyone in it is soooo beautiful! When I have the opportunity to capture photos for a client who longs to see her true God given beauty I am extremely humbled. I have the opportunity to help heal a wound given by the world today. I get to capture beauty the way it was intended, with all the differences, unique qualities and personal stories that make beauty sing. During a shoot we take back beautiful, you take back beautiful and you OWN IT!

I often hear, “you made me feel like a supermodel”. The reason that warms my heart is because when the word “supermodel” was coined it stole a piece of who we are as women. It took our uniqueness, our differences our personalities and said they are not good enough. “Supermodel” became an impossible dream of perfection. However, at the end of a boudoir shoot when a women is able to be completely herself, unique, different and joyful she is PERFECTION, she is BEAUTIFUL. At that moment the words “you made me feel like a supermodel” let me know she has taken back the true meaning of beautiful, it is hers. The impossible dream of perfection is no longer impossible. I always like to respond with, “real women are always more beautiful than supermodels”.

One of my recent clients wrote a testimonial about her boudoir experience with me. I am so delighted to share. For now, I can’t release her name because the session is a surprise gift for her hubby on their wedding day. It is a gift of her radiating beauty and perfection, one he will treasure for years to come, the way beauty was meant to be seen.

“From the start, Michelle was such a pleasure to work with. She is always so professional, friendly and kind. During the planning stages, we emailed back and forth for quite some time before picking a date. I viewed some of her previous work, checked out her Pinterest inspiration boards and finally decided that it was something that I wanted to do and I booked my shoot.

On the morning of the shoot, Michelle arrived and instantly I felt like I was around one of my best friends. We laughed, listened to music and talked like we were old friends. Going into the session, I thought I would be a fish out of water but by the end of it I felt like a super model! She made everything so easy and fun and I didn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable.

I am so happy with my photos! I kept looking at them saying “I can’t believe that is me”. I have a printed magazine hiding in my home, waiting for my upcoming wedding day to give to my Fiancé as a surprise gift.. He’ll never suspect it and I can’t wait to see his reaction.

To be completely honest, a boudoir session was something I thought about doing but never thought I would actually have the courage or confidence to do. I’m so glad that I did it and I’m so thankful I worked with a professional like Michelle! Thanks to her, I feel so much more empowered and confident!

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