What If It Rains On Your Wedding Day?

We personally love rainy days… they are cozy, cuddly, sweet and memorable. And as spring approaches we have a lot of them here in the mountains.

However we do realize that the thought of rain on your wedding day may feel like a natural disaster of epic proportions, we totally get it. 7 years ago it rained on our wedding day, but there is a lot to be said for a rainy day wedding. It is a sign of good luck (for a wet knot is hardest to untie) and it is an awesome opportunity to have pictures + a party like no one else’s.

Here are some of our favorite tips for turning your rainy day wedding into an unforgettable gorgeous wedding that no one is soon to forget!

The below photo was taken just moments after a hard FL rain storm, it was literally still raining at the very end of this dock, but the lighting was to die for! So we ventured out there. During their wedding it was raining in the gulf not even a half mile off shore from their wedding ceremony outside on the beautiful green lawn of the Safety Harbor Resort.  UNFORGETTABLE!

1. Wedding Photography: We’ll start here since photos is what we do best:) There are 3 questions you will want to ask your photographers:
• Have you shot a wedding in the rain before?
• Can you share with us some ideas of how to make the day more fun, playful, cozy, sweet and exciting?
• What’s the plan, logistically + timeline wise, in inclement weather?

2. Makeup + Hair: The best defense against rain and humidity is glam preparation. We highly recommend airbrush makeup it looks amazing and done right, with hi quality airbrush products, it is virtually rub proof + waterproof. Oh and don’t forget the waterproof mascara.  For hair that can get out-of-control in the humidity you may want to consider  a relaxed pretty messy bun or a gorgeous updo. These styles are perfect for preventing frizz and falling.

3. Shoes: So important!! The rain will most likely cause the ground to be a bit wet, soggy and even muddy. So pack a back-up pair of shoes, anything from your favorite cowboy boots to rain boots or even duck boots!

4. Umbrellas! Talk about the gift that keeps on giving. Everyone is thankful for an umbrella on a rainy day, especial your guests + its the perfect wedding favor. No one will forget that you had adorable umbrellas at your wedding for them to use and take home. You can even monogram them.

5. Tent Rental: If both your wedding and your reception are taking place in the beauty of nature it’s a good idea to do two things:
• Ask your venue if they have a PLAN B for rain, something indoors.
• If they do not have an in door option have a tent rental set up as your own PLAN B. If the weather looks sketchy
the week before confirm the rental and set up. Better safe then sorry.

We hope this helps, rainy days make beautiful flowers!

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