What To Wear + What Not To Wear For Your Shoot

To say I love clothes, shoes and bags would probably be an understatement. As a little girl I used to play dress up all the time, it drove my sisters crazy, especial since their clothes were my main target.  And yes, I have even gotten Brandon into “dressing with style”. Since we are artistic we like to be creative with the way we dress, it’s another outlet for our self-expression. One more fun way we can be unique.

We often get the question, “what should we wear for the shoot?”.  My first response is always “show us who you are through your style“. Don’t be afraid to play dress up again, have fun with your clothing. Wear something that makes you feel FABULOUS! We also have a post just for guys fashion for shoots:)

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A few “Style Rules”, if you will, to keep in mind when choosing your outfits.

To Wear

1.) Dress for the season

2.)  Dress + Skits are flattering in photos for her

3.) Shirts + Pants should be fitted for both her + him

4.) Solid colors paired with large patterns look great in photos

5.) When it comes to jewelry, less is more

6.) Manicured nails for her, both hands and feet (Just incase you kick of the shoes for some romantic cuddly photos)

7.) Guys nails should be neat and trim as well

8.) Fabulous shoes for her + him – they will be in the photos


What Not To Wear

1.) Do not try to wear the same outfit (matching is no longer our friend)

2.)  Avoid small print patterns (large print patterns good – small print patterns bad)

3.) Say no to sneakers please

4.) Shorts on guys can be iffy unless he has mad GQ style

5.) Baggy clothes add pounds to you in photos (no one wanted extra pounds)

6.) And ladies… don’t let your bra show

7.) Don’t wear clothes that are too tight to avoid ending up with the “muffin top”


Most of our clients opt for a shoot with two outfits: one dressy outfit + one dressy/casual outfit.

* Splurge on professional hair and makeup, a great artist will take you a long ways. E-mail us to learn more about our favorites!

* Don’t over tan.

* Don’t have your hair cut the day of a portrait. Schedule hair appointments at least a week in advance for a more natural look. Same goes with facials.

* Don’t forget to iron all wrinkles out.

We hope this helps:)

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