April 14, 2021

Weekly Wednesday Wedding Tip Episode 015: Embrace Your Wedding Ceremony

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So many blogs out there say to keep the ceremony short and brief.

As a husband + wife we find this so INCREDIBLY SAD! 

The entire day is about the moment you exchange your vows to one and other. The moment you become husband + wife. Without the ceremony there would be no wedding day. 

The photos you will value most in 10 years are the photos of your ceremony. 

For example, 

the photo of your groom tearing up as you walk down the aisle will melt your heart every year. 

Your dad giving you away as he kisses you on the cheek 

the way you looked walking down the aisle

the reactions from friends and family as you read your vows

the looks on each others faces as you read your vows

the exchanging of your rings

any little moments during the ceremony that made you cry or laugh

the first kiss as husband + wife…these are the moments that matter.  

These moments are the ones that will pull your heart strings each year when you look back on your wedding day. 

Guest may be there to party, but y’all are there to become husband and wife. And to be honest, any friends + family who truly love you will value the actual wedding ceremony and not complain that it is too long for them to sit through. 

If you’re looking for a more intimate ceremony without a lot of fuss, rather than making the ceremony short elope with just the two of you or a few very close family + friends. 

During an Elopement the ceremony is the main focus and highlight of the entire day. 

If you’re Catholic you can elope in Rome at the Vatican

if your adventurous you can elope in the mountains or Iceland and the list goes on.

By the way we do travel around the world, wink wink!;)

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