A Good Day For a White Wedding Laura & Doug “I Do” + Bagpipes

Laura + Doug

Friends truly are a part of life that makes it all worth it. Laura and Doug are best friends and now husband and wife. This past weekend Brandon and I had the blessing and honor of photographing our two very close and dear friends as they said “I will love you forever.” I recall the day Laura told me she was engaged, my heart melted with joy for her. You could tell right from the start that Doug was her prince charming. My heart melted again as they chose Brandon and I to be their photographers. I was delighted!!! “Yes I exclaimed”, followed by, “this way I can make sure that no special moment is missed”.

The day was perfect. A warm 80 degrees with a nice cool breeze that tickled your arms; heavenly. Love was in the air. The church was buzzing as so many friends and family came out for this wonderful White Wedding. No, not the song, but that was played at the reception, Doug’s last name is White. Hello, Perfect! Bagpipes set the tone for Laura as guest arrived and she walked down the isle. After the wedding a fitting Jolly Trolly carried the entire wedding party off to the waterside for photos and then to the reception.

Horn Photo-Design-0009

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