Best Friends + Romance & LOVE

Nissa + Justin

The sun was playing peak-a-boo with the clouds on the first day of March. A cool crisp breezed kissed her cheeks as the sun hid for a moment. Then a tingle wrapped in warmth came to life on her skin as the cloud passed and sun rays radiated down. This moment was like heaven! She stared into her best friend’s eyes as he held her hand ever so gently and delicately slid the glistening diamond ring on to her finger and said “I will love you forever”.

I remember when Nissa & Justin first walked into our office, holding hands and sitting ever so close to each other on the couch. Nissa was full of smiles and telling me their love story. I listened and watched. I watched because there was something tender and sweet in Justin’s eyes as Nissa told me how they met. He looked at her so lovingly, every time she would breakout in smiles so would he. You could see that he truly adored her. They were, are and forever will be BEST FRIENDS!

Nissa & Justin, thank you for choosing us to capture and share your amazing LOVE STORY!

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