Featured: Wed Loft: Allyson + Hakija

Tuesday is upon us and most of us are looking forward to an amazing 3 day weekend! We are especially excited because our weekend will be 4 days long spending much needed time with family…eating copious amounts of carbs and reveling in every second of it. Speaking of appreciation, we are delighted and so thankful to work with incredible clients who allow us to do what we love. Allyson + Hakija were such clients and their Safety Harbor Resort and Spa Wedding was one we absolutely loved.

Ok…so we may sound a bit biased, however when Wed Loft contacted us about featuring this wedding on their blog, we were so honored. Being wedding photographers is a dream come true for us add in being published on top of that and its like having a colossal sunday with extra carmel, chocolate, nuts and whip cream, AMAZING!

Click here to see full feature: http://www.weddingwindow.com/blog/allyson-hakija-florida-wedding/



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