Francessca & Brad Wedding Sweetness

Francessca + Brad

Chocolate kisses and wedding cake wishes. Sweet roses and beautiful poses. This was the feeling we experienced at Francessca & Brad’s beautiful and SO MUCH FUN wedding. The bridesmaids were all in pink along two little flower girls with “Here Comes The Bride” signs, steal my heart, they were so cute. Oh… also a special little man got to give Francessca a kiss before the wedding and we captured it all.

The wedding took place at Palma Ceia United Methodist Church, as you will see, the church is absolutely breathtaking. Before the ceremony Brad and Francessca wanted to exchange letters and say a prayer together, but with one little hitch, they did not want to break the tradition of not seeing the bride till she walks down the aisle. So with a little help form the groomsmen we were able to get these two lovers side-by-side with a church wall in between them so they could hear each others sweet voices with no peaking. Everyones hearts were racing, it was so intense and so amazing – LOVE, LOVE, LOVED IT!

Ok, and to top it all off the the reception was at The Spain Restaurant and Toma Bar in Down Town Tampa. It was rented out just for them. Hello adorable! Everyone had there own Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolate with their name on it. The colors of pink with champagne danced around the room and flowers were abundant. Plus a DJ that new how to rock the floor!

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