Inspiration Styled Shoot + Luring

Lauren + Michael

Inspiration… at times it is an allusive mystical creature who’s beauty is stunning at yet so distant always luring you in for more. And on other occasions inspiration is like refreshing rain drops on a warm summer day while the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. Ever so gently kissing your skin with delightful refreshment and spirit. Sigh, how most of us wish it was at our finger tips every moment of the day. However, Brandon and I have learned that inspiration is a gift, one not gained by self-absorption but rather by humility and self-involvement. The more we involve ourself into our clients -what they like, how they interact, what makes them smile, what makes them laugh, how they love – the more inspiration we gain when capturing their love story.

This past week we have been working on a video for our business and it’s all about our clients. How getting to know you presents itself in every aspect of what we do an how important it is to us that your experience is beyond just ordinary, but rather extraordinary! A true representation of your unique love story.

Thanks to a wonderful couple Lauren + Michael we were able to create an inspirational styled shoot for filming. Words can’t even begin to say how amazing they are – this will be their first model debut (sooo exciting)! We had the blessing of capturing Lauren + Michaels adorable engagement, but we were already booked on their wedding day (totally bummer). What’s beautiful, is they are so much in love that saying “I Do” for our camera and our videographers – White in Revery (they are awesome)- came with absolute beauty and breathtaking radiance.




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